We want to publicly declare our belief that God's word is a vital and vibrant source of nourishment and teaching for every Christian and has an essential and relevant message for the 21st Century. Opening our new building by reading God's word from cover to cover is a public affirmation of that belief and purpose for the future.

Unfortunately there have been some unexpected delays to the building work being completed and it is unlikely the building will be ready for the 25th June, the planned date to start our Bible Reading Marathon. These delays are frustrating but we are nearing completion and then we shall move from the hall to the new building and celebrate.

Because of the problems and the work that is unfinished we feel it would be unwise to try and go ahead with the reading when there will be workmen and possibly scaffolding in the building, therefore we have taken the decision to postpone the bible reading marathon until a later date.

We will update the website once we have moved into the new building and new dates have been selected.