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Ministers Monthly Missive: The war to end all wars

Such was the horror and outrage at the enormity of the loss, damage and cost of the 1st World War people were convinced those responsible for war would be deposed and never again would nations in Europe go to war against each other: H.G.Wells coined the phrase “the war to end all wars”. The 20th century was the most violent and bloodiest in history. There was only one year in the century when no British serviceman died in action. It’s estimated…

Ministers Monthly Missive: A new year

September the beginning of a new Methodist year and the start of my fifth year in the South East: where is the time going? What does the future hold for us? No idea! But when we put our future into the hands of the living God we know we need have no fear, no anxiety, because with the psalmist we can say ‘Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.’ Ps…

Tribute to Lily Robinson

For many people in our church, and indeed, in the community at Eynsford, Lily Robinson would have been an unknown figure, even an unknown name. But for those who have known her, she has been a very distinctive person. As we celebrate her life of 103 years, we begin to discover some of the things we never knew, and then we know these few things will only be a small amount of what Lily has been. It was during the…

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