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Croydon SDA Gospel Choir

Saturday 29th September

The God Particle

A romantic comedy with a hint of sci-fi

Sunday, 4th November 2018 at 7:30 pm
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Tribute to Lily Robinson

For many people in our church, and indeed, in the community at Eynsford, Lily Robinson would have been an unknown figure, even an unknown name. But for those who have known her, she has been a very distinctive person. As we celebrate her life of 103 years, we begin to discover some of the things we never knew, and then we know these few things will only be a small amount of what Lily has been. It was during the…

Ministers Monthly Missive: Holiday in Wales

During our recent holiday, Kathryn and I stayed for a few days in N Wales where we did a lot of walking and a little hill climbing. It was a good restful time and gave an opportunity to reflect on what we are doing, how things are going and what aims and goals we have as we look to the future. Taking time out from the usual routine and general busyness of life is refreshing physically, emotionally and spiritually. I…

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