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Saturday 4th December, 6:30 pm
St Andrew’s Church, Maidstone Road, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, TN12 6DZ

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From Our Minister

From our Minister

Do you remember the days when meeting someone the conversation would often begin with a discussion about the weather; today, it seems to be about jabs and boosters! Or when a tablet was something you took for a headache; zoom was a noise a child made when playing with a toy rocket, or wicked and sick referred to something horrible and unpleasant where now they speak of something wonderful and marvellous? How about ‘cloud;’ I always understood clouds were the…

From our Minister

Do you feel a sense of excitement when reading the bible? Does the thought of attending a bible study thrill you with a sense of anticipation? I think for the majority of us the answer is no. We may enjoy reading the bible, study may be rewarding but excitement, thrilling, I’m not so sure. My daily bible reading includes working through the book of Psalms; yesterday I came to 119 where the psalmist is excited, thrilled, exhilarated by God’s word.…

From our Minister

I’m not sure why, but the Methodist year begins in September and it usually comes with a bang. By bang, I mean a large influx of work, administration, communications from TMCP, Church House and the District. After the last 18 months where everything has been different, September seems normal. I opened my emails on Wednesday 1st of September and there they were; emails from TMCP, the Connexion, District and the United Reformed Church. In previous years when that happened I…

What is the Gospel?

“It was at that moment that I gave my life to Christ. My life has not been the same since then.”

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