Are you facing uncertainty? Unsure where you’re headed? Lacking purpose and drive? Having questions about life and faith? Come and join us – we have a mixture of online and face to face meetings that explores a different aspect of our faith each week. We have just finished our most recent course in April 2022- please contact us for details of the next course and to express an interest.

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Alpha Online is for those who want to discuss the big questions of life and explore the Christian faith in a friendly, open, and informal environment online. The episodes you’ll watch, together with others in the same boat as you, are designed to spark conversation and no question is out of bounds.


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  • WHAT IS ALPHA? Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith, in an open and relaxed environment.
  • WHO IS ALPHA FOR? Anyone, of any age or background, who is curious to ask their questions and find out more about faith should try Alpha. It’s designed for those who are exploring; it’s for the cynics, the sceptics, and the inquisitive.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? Each Alpha session includes a short 25-minute video and then a discussion where you can share your thoughts and where no question is off-limits. Each session takes place over video chat on Zoom where you’ll meet other people with questions just like yours. There are eleven weeks of Alpha, but please don’t worry if there are some you can’t make or if you can’t make the first one.
  • FIND OUT MORE If you have any questions about Alpha, please email
  • STARTING WEDNESDAY 16th FEBRUARY AT 8:00 PM The course runs over twelve weeks – you can just try the first one and see what you think. Everyone’s welcome and there’s no pressure, follow up or charge.

Alpha Courses at OMC

We have been running Alpha courses for over 15 years. Please see the videos below of people describing their experience of an Alpha at OMC.