Kids Zone

Kids Zone

What about some fun stuff to do?

We have Toast Club every 2 weeks and Who Let the Dads Out? once a month with bouncy castle and soooo many games for you and stuff for dad to keep him busy while you bounce..bounce..bounce…

Come and join our Junior Church on a Sunday at 10:30 am, lots of fun, and learn about Jesus.

Our holiday clubs are amazing fun -we had the Starship Discovery in August 2019 for 5 days which was a sellout & we had a wonderful time with all the usual nuttiness and learning about Jesus, so watch out for our next one by checking back regularly to this website.

We love to learn about Jesus, he is our superhero and he loves YOU!

He knows the real you, he knows everything about you, what makes you sad, what makes you happy, and he absolutely loves YOU.

If you want a 3 minute ride through the story of Jesus click play below and hang on to your hat ( and don’t forget to have the sound on) !!!



Why not try some Bible games and puzzles or try some Bible Adventures?


Or what about downloading this free Bible App, or maybe have a look at this trailer for another free App that you can download on a phone or tablet from the Bible Society (ask your parents to do it for you on a phone or tablet)