Life Stories

Life Stories

Our monthly series of Life Stories. Each evening we will meet a special guest with a fascinating story to tell and find out the impact their faith has on their lives. Hosting each evening will be Nick Page, who during his years as a broadcaster, interviewed guests ranging from Margaret Thatcher to Mother Theresa, Roy Castle to Billy Graham. Many of you will know Nick who, besides being a regular attendee at church, is a supportive member of the Thursday Housegroup and our Church Prayer Evenings.

An evening with Stephen Addison – Box Up Crime

Stephen Addison. Stephen launched Box Up Crime in 2013. Having experienced the huge loss of valued friends to gang violence and crime, Stephen was inspired to create an organisation that would address the social issues affecting young people vulnerable to crime, and provide viable and positive alternative futures.

Al Simms

Al Simms. Al has work experience in many areas, including Royal Mail, Delivery Driver, and in the Church. He has known the highs and lows of life, which have been very challenging. He has suffered depression but has also had the joys and support of a loving family and his faith to help him overcome these experiences.

Brian Gault MBE

Guest Service – An evening with Brian Gault MBE. Brian’s inspirational attitude and love for life despite his physical disability is truly remarkable. He is a survivor of Thalidomide, which resulted in him being born with no arms, and he has written a book entitled Look, No Hands.

Adam Pyrke

Our guest is Adam Pryke. Despite many troubles and setbacks, his passion for service to our country and to God is clearly evident, inspirational and applicable to people of all ages.

Colonel Edward Armitstead

Our guest was the decorated army officer Colonel Edward Armitstead. In his 35 years, he served in Cyprus during the Turkish invasion, in still-divided Germany, in Belfast during the Troubles, in Hong Hng before the handover and (in a ceremonial role) at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. We asked him about the ups and downs of his fascinating career and what motivated and sustained him.

Derek Baxter

Our guest was local entrepreneur Derek Baxter who was interviewed about his life and work – from setting up businesses from his bedroom in his parent’s house, through all the later ups and downs, successes and failures.

Paul Sanders

Our guest is Paul Sanders who was formerly The Times Picture Editor, responsible for its entire photographic content. Work-related stress caused severe depression and anxiety. His future changed dramatically during a visit to Beachy Head. Watch Paul’s account of his past, as well as his current work helping those who have experienced similar mental concerns.

Professor Julia Downing

Professor Julia Downing, Chief Executive of the International Children’s Palliative Care Network working in a variety of African countries, in Serbia, and in India. She is also a Professor in universities in this country, Serbia and Uganda. Locally she has links with Hospices of Hope and is a Trustee of Hospice in the Weald. Alongside her very full medical career, she has a musical life as well. She graduated from the Trinity College of Music and plays keyboards, violin, viola,…