From our Minister

From our Minister

Inspiration comes from the strangest of places: such as a rotary washing line in torrential rain.

Our rotary dryer is outside my office window. I mentioned previously that after installing it I realised it leaned slightly to one side and with time and wet towels the lean has become greater. One morning, a few days ago the sky was a dark mottled grey (no silver lining) and it rained heavily. All-day!

I was reflecting on something as I looked out of the window watching the rain and I noticed raindrops on the washing line. Because it leaned to one side the raindrops struck the sloping line and ran down disappearing where the line connected to the crossbar.

As I watched I noticed that each drop moved slowly but not all at the same speed. If one came into contact with another they became one larger drop and moved faster down the line. If they struck a third drop the same thing happened; the drop of water became larger and the speed increased. One drop at the top of the line moving slightly faster caught the second then a third and suddenly moving much faster it moved down the length of the line absorbing all the drops as it did so; it became so heavy it fell before reaching the end.

Why, I have no idea why, but this reminded me of the Christian life. At the beginning of his ministry, Jesus called the first disciples to be with him. When he sent them out to preach and heal they went in pairs. Paul on his ministry journeys at different times had different partners: Barnabas, Silas, Titus, Timothy and more.

Have you noticed when Paul wrote about the armour of God, he described a breastplate, shield, shoes, helmet and sword but nothing to protect the soldier’s back. Why? Because soldiers don’t go into battle alone. In the modern army, you will often hear soldiers talking of ‘Protecting each other’s back.’

We each need to recognise and acknowledge our dependency on each other. Working together is our strength. It is frequently where the devil chooses to attack. If he can isolate Christians from each other it is easier to isolate us from our Lord. When we are in Christ, bound together in him, we are incomprehensibly enriched and nourished.