From our Minister

From our Minister

Do you ever spend time when praying, reflecting on who to pray for, or what to pray for and giving thanks for the many blessings we experience? Prayer can become a habit which through becoming a habit loses its richness, initiative and vitality.

Recently in my own quiet time, I heard the refuse collectors in the street taking the rubbish I’d put out the previous evening. They are an invisible part of our community. Even when their wagon is blocking the road as the men scurry around collecting and depositing the various piles of refuse we can see them without really looking. Throughout lockdown, they have carried on working.

Significantly; refuse workers are near the top of the list of the groups whose absence has the most detrimental effect on a community in the shortest period of time. Not simply because of the unsightly piles of rubbish that accumulates but for hygiene and environmental reasons as well.

I’m not sure if I have mentioned this in a previous newsletter; if I have apologies, but I’m not going to read through them all to check. After moving into the village Kathryn and I had a huge amount of rubbish to get rid of. It was embarrassing to look at. Boxes, black bags, sundry items we shouldn’t have brought but did, it was a huge pile at the top of the drive. It looked like a small mountain.  We wondered if we should move some back into the garden and dispose of it the following week. The next morning the refuse collectors came and took the lot. I think Sevenoaks refuse collection is the best we have ever experienced.

When we tell our friends of the weekly collections and how everything is taken they are usually aghast and tell us of their horror stories. Refuse collectors refusing to take more than X number of sacks or boxes. Only collecting fortnightly. Having to sort their rubbish between 3, 4 or even 5 separate bins. And even then, having bins unemptied because there was something in the wrong place.

They are just one of many groups working to maintain our community and society. I would suggest in our daily prayer time we each reflect on and pray for the many different groups supporting us and making our lives better and more pleasant.

Heavenly Father
Thank you, for those, who by serving the
community help to keep us all safe and healthy.