From our Minister

From our Minister

It was reported on the news that it is two years since Boris told us all to stay at home and avoid contact with anyone not from our household. Finally, we seem to be moving back to normality. The days of washing our hands for 20 seconds, sanitising as we enter and leave shops and wearing masks are coming to an end. Covid hasn’t gone away but it is something we will learn to live with and not be afraid of.


With the lighter nights and the arrival of perhaps the most wonderful season, Spring, our levels of optimism grow. Are things back to normal? Not yet. Will everything get back to the way it used to be? Probably not. The whole world was affected by the pandemic; there will be changes, but they won’t necessarily be bad changes.

There are still those who prefer to continue wearing masks, avoid mixing unnecessarily, are cautious because of their own or loved ones’ vulnerability. This is right, and we support them in this; we each need to be free to do what is most comfortable without any sense of others criticising us.

Our church family is meeting regularly, house groups, bible studies, fellowships are all back on track. We know there are several of our church family who are still avoiding mixing and we look forward to them returning when they feel able.
Some good things have come out of the pandemic. We had been talking about putting our services online but done little about it; it was a steep learning curve but thanks to the technically minded in our church family our morning services were recorded and online from the start. Now we take it for granted they are live-streamed. Before lockdown, I thought ’zoom’ was a children’s ice lolly, now it’s a familiar fixture in most of our homes. Because of technology the church never closed, but it did transition into a new way of being church. We learned a new phrase; ‘Virtual church.’ Alpha has grown and developed nationally and locally in new ways; our Alpha courses have included people from France and Ireland, and even dark out of the way places such as Yorkshire!

On Easter day, for those who want to, we are having a bring and share lunch after the morning service. This year our Easter morning service will be all-age worship, will include Holy Communion and be a celebration of being part of a wonderful family serving a glorious God. If you are able I hope you are able to join us for the service and perhaps even stay for lunch. It would be good to be together at that most wonderful of festivals.

Love and Peace in Christ