From our Minister

From our Minister

Greetings and happy new year. It’s a bit odd to wish a happy new year in September, but then that’s Methodism. Rather than an article from me this month I’d like to introduce Kirsty McGhee, our new probationer Minister, who takes up her appointment on the 1st September. We are delighted to have her join us in the circuit and I ask for your prayers for her as she starts this exciting new ministry among us. Kirtsy’s welcome service is at Tonbridge Methodist Church on Sunday 10th September at 3pm; all welcome.
Every blessing,

Dear Church,
I’m Kirsty, I’m 35 years old (for those who want to know but feel embarrassed to ask!) and I’m very excited about coming to join you. I’m half Welsh and half Scottish. I sometimes have a tendency to talk quickly – feel free to remind me to slow down when I forget!

I’m coming from a mixed Christian background, having grown up in the Brethren Church, then spent time with the Baptists and Pentecostals before God persuaded me that Methodism is where He wants me. One of my priorities at Queens has been to find out as much about Methodism and it’s distinctives as I can, and everything I’ve learnt has made me love our Church more.

I’m someone who had a “moment” of turning to Christ and has been journeying ever since to get closer to God. I became a Christian at around 7 years old and was baptised at 12. I spent quite a number of years trying to make up for owing God so much, and learning that His love is freely given. I was the only openly Christian person in my year group at school and so the support of Christian friends has always been very important to me.

I’m single, which has given me a huge amount of freedom. I’ve spent quite a bit of time travelling, I lived at an orphanage in Malawi for a year and have recently been to Israel and to Sri Lanka. I’ve been really inspired by the faithfulness of those I’ve met, especially in the face of real trouble. I’ve also learnt how little I notice God’s answers to prayers in my daily life here, and how much I rely on them when I’m right out of my comfort zone. I suspect there will be many times in our ministry together when I feel out of depth, and I’m excited to see how God will work through them.

I love having a mixture of worship, getting to be creative, but also indulging in the familiar. I’m very open to suggestions, and also open to working with others. If you’ve always wanted to try leading in worship, but didn’t want to do it alone, I’ll be very happy to work together and also to introduce you to the worship leaders and preachers’ course, which is fantastic.

I feel incredibly blessed to be called to all three churches; Tonbridge Methodist, St Andrews Paddock Wood and East Peckham, and to the wider circuit. The impression I had from my short visits is that each is very different from the others, but all seemed to have members committed to the life of the church and to serving the local community. I really look forward to learning from you, worshipping together and serving through offering as much as I can bring.

God bless, and see you in September!