New Church Building

New Church Building

The Bible tells us that the Church is a collection of people and not a building, We are called ‘living stones’ in the Bible. But, we are also blessed to have a place to meet in freedom to worship God in this village.

People of faith have been worshipping and sharing their Christian faith in Otford since the 1800’s. The original OMC Chapel was built in 1935 and was planned to be the first phase of a bigger project, it was meant to be a Children’s Chapel. The larger church, planned alongside it was never built as the Second World War took its toll on many projects of that kind.

Now, with a growing church family, the chapel was felt to be too small to accommodate our needs and falls short of 21st-century facilities and standards. So, not without some regrets, of course, the chapel has been demolished and a new building has been built in its place.

Building Project

We started our building project in 2004 when we obtained planning permission to replace both the old hall and the chapel.

In 2005 we started phase one and built the new church halls which have become such an integral part of the village and community with a huge footfall through the year and many regular community groups who meet there. The complex is a light and airy building with a large main hall and 4 further meeting rooms with a lift and toilet facilities suitable for disabled people, a kitchen, coffee lounge and an office.

Phase 2 of our building project was the new church building, this started in July 2016 with the demolition of the old chapel and completed in September 2017. The building is wonderfully fit for its multiple purposes of worship and community activities. Like the halls complex, it meets all the necessary environmental and CIBSE requirements to provide a warm and eco-friendly environment, which is also versatile, so can be used in many ways.

There is seating capacity for around 200 people, providing a performance venue for music, dance, drama, large meetings and other suitable events. Fully accessible disabled access, will, in due course, lead directly into the halls complex and there are multimedia facilities throughout all the church buildings

The church has an amazing glass window designed by Mel Howse facing the road with a large cross at the centre which fills the building with coloured light.

The Archstone of the old Chapel altar area has been placed as a cornerstone in the new church.